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Version 3.0.34

Library maintainer rules & guidelines

S4.6 Hidden pins

Hidden symbol pins are generally not allowed for schematic symbols. Any connection point must be visible, otherwise unexpected net connections can occur.


  1. Power input pins must not be invisible unless used in power symbols (hidden power input pins are global labels). Refer to the requirements for pin stacking

  2. Pins that are not intended to be connected must be set to invisible. In this case the electrical type must be Not Connected. The end of the pin should lie within or on the symbols outline to prevent unwanted connections to the invisible pin (see screenshot below).

    • Pins specified as not connected may be shown if they are expected to be connected in a significant number of usecases. (Example: The datasheet suggests them to be connected to ground or some other potential for better EMC behaviour.)

  3. Invisible pins may be used in a pin stack to allow one-to-many connections. Refer to the requirements for pin stacking