Library Conventions | KiCad EDA

Version 3.0.43

Library maintainer rules & guidelines

M1.3 Source files for 3D models must be supplied

The KiCad library maintains a repository for 3D source files at

The source files used to generate 3D model data must be submitted to this repository when a user contributes 3D model data.

  • Source files of 3d models are the native files generated by the 3d modeling software (Example: fcstd for Freecad).

  • Source files alternatively are any generator scripts.

  • The source repository directory structure mirrors that of the kicad-packages-3d repository.


If the model is being submitted by an authorized representative of the manufacturer of the component, the requirement to also submit the source files may be waived by the KiCad Library team. This is contingent on the manufacturer providing the KiCad team with a primary point of contact to receive issue reports with the model as well as a commitment to providing updated STEP/WRL models that resolve issues with incorrect STEP/WRL models.

The KiCad Library team reserves the right to replace any models at their sole discretion and may prioritize models compliant with M1.3.