Library Conventions | KiCad EDA

Version 3.0.43

Library maintainer rules & guidelines

G1.3 Libraries are organized by functionality

Rather than grouping components (e.g. symbols, footprints) by their manufacturer, KiCad libraries are organized by component functionality. This grouping strategy has a number of key benefits:

  • Similar components are grouped together, allowing alternative parts to be easily substituted

  • If possible, symbols should be derived from existing symbols to reduce library size

  • Generic parts which are produced by multiple manufacturers are supported

Library organization should follow the general form as described below, with each element separated by the underscore (_) character:

  1. Library function

  2. Library sub-function

  3. Tertiary qualifier

  4. Manufacturer name

  5. Component series name

  6. Extra library descriptors

Note: Some of the elements listed above may be omitted if not required.

For specific examples, refer to the guidelines for organizing symbol libraries and footprint libraries.