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Version 3.0.43

Library maintainer rules & guidelines

F1.2 Connector footprint libraries

Categorizing connectors by function can prove difficult as many connectors can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Therefore, categorization of connector footprints is given special consideration as detailed below:

  1. Connectors are grouped firstly by their primary function (where such a function exists). Examples of primary function include:

    • Conn_USB

    • Conn_HDMI

    • Conn_Ethernet

  1. When primary function libraries become too large, they can be split by sub-function or by manufacturer

    • Conn_USB_Molex

    • Conn_DSUB_HighDensity

  2. For connectors without a specific function, then connectors are grouped by their mechanical type:

    • Conn_Barrel

    • Conn_DIN

    • Conn_DSUB

    • Conn_PinHeader

    • Conn_PinSocket

    • Conn_Rectangular

  3. Connector libraries can be further split by another qualifier:

    • Conn_PinHeader_2.54mm

    • Conn_PinHeader_1.27mm

  4. Connector libraries can also be split by manufacturer and series, for multi-purpose connectors

    • TerminalBlock_Phoenix_MKDS

    • TerminalBlock_Phoenix_PT

    • TerminalBlock_Wago

    • Conn_JST

    • Conn_Hirose_DF13