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Version 3.0.43

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F4.6 Local clearance and settings should be set to zero

Pad clearance values are determined using a priority system, which checks the following locations for clearance values, in descending order of priority. If a particular setting reads as zero (0) then it is ignored, and the next location is checked.

  1. Local pad settings - If an individual pad specifies clearance values, these are used

  2. Footprint settings - If clearance values are specified in the Footprint Properties window, these are used

  3. Global settings - If no values are specified as above, then the global values (as specified in PCB settings dialog) are used.

Unless there is a specific reason for setting explicit values for local clearance values for pads or pins, they should be left at zero (0).


If the component datasheet calls for specific clearance values for a particular pad (or the entire footprint) then these values should be used as appropriate.